Rambling: Beautifying your desktop

Hello, lovely blog readers. Now here is the truth about me: I’m a Windows user. I know that is sooo lame these days, what with Linux being for the more evolved computer users and Mac being for the design-conscious superuser with too much money and artsy, uncluttered desks…. I say all of this out of envy, of course, because I can’t make myself spend all that money on a Mac and I am too lazy and, well, dependend on my Windows applications to seriously use the Ubuntu I have as a second OS on my laptop.

Anyway, not to bore you with my excuses for still using a Micro$oft product (XP, by the way, not Vista), but let me just tell you how even I can feel fancy and hip like a Mac User.


Yes. Catchy, isn’t it? Objectdock lets you put a fancy bar at the bottom of the screen that looks like the ones you no doubt ran the mouse over before on the 2.000 EUR Mac in the computer store. And Objectbar gives you the bar on top of the screen that looks like it belongs there, too. Truth be told, the only reason I have it there is because I constantly use the volume settings from the system tray, so I can’t live without it. Anyway, see for yourself how pretty everything has become.

[thumbnail - Pretty desktop without explanations
AFTER – Pretty (without explanations)

[thumbnail] pretty with explanations
AFTER – Pretty (with explanations)

BEFORE - not so pretty
BEFORE – Not as pretty, despite Kara Thrace

UPDATE: The flower wallpaper is Pod Wall by skurvash.

UPDATE: Sadly enough, you can only use ObjectBar for free for 45 days. That’s a shame, really, because I liked the simplicity of it. I looked at a lot of alternatives, but none seemed to look nice enough and show the running processes at the same time. So after much toying around, I accidentally gave my taskbar the old and simple Windows 95 look and moved it to the top of the screen. Not as nice as ObjectBar, but good enough for now.


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