Video Saturday #6 – Stand Up!

Once again it’s Saturday. Time flies like an arrow, as they say (and fruit flies like a banana). Today the topic of my choice is stand up comedy. I like quite some stand up comedy and would like to share with you. Enjoy and please *do* send me any other suggestions you have in terms of stand up comedy.

Usually I’m not the type of person who dies laughing when she watches something funny, but the first time I saw Ellen DeGeneres’ “Here and Now” routine (“Here and Now” is the title of the DVD), I really couldn’t stop myself. [More Ellen]

This is Kathy Griffin. She always jokes about the fact that she’s not really famous. [More Kathy Griffin]

Wanda Sykes. (Wanda Sykes – “Karma”) She made a really good DVD called “Tongue Untied”. [More Wanda Sykes]

Margaret Cho. Political and sometimes funny. [More Margaret Cho]

Suzanne Westenhoefer. [More Suzanne Westenhoefer]

Janeane Garofalo. Nowadays she mostly talks about politics, but she used to do some pretty funny stand-up stuff. This short clip is from 1992. [More Janeane Garofalo]

Eddie Izzard. I know nothing about him, but I liked his take on religion. [More Eddie Izzard]

Jerry Seinfeld. I don’t think he’s as hilarious as he’s made out to be, but he’s amusing and kind of a “classic”. [More Jerry Seinfeld]

That was fun. I might have to use that topic again sometime. Do comment, and have a great Saturday!


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